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    Engineering outside the box

    Maor – Production facilities design services

    MAOR ENGINEERING provides machine design, development and production services for a wide range of industrial domains.
    The company deals with product solutions – from idea to final product – maintaining a personal and professional escort along the project, with a combination of machine engineering, 3d printing, and other fabrication technologies know-how & experience.

    The engineered solutions offered by us, are personally adjusted to each client’s demands and needs, with emphasis on efficient high-quality planning, under strict schedule compliance.
    A rich & multi-disciplinary content experience – The Company has vast experience designing, developing and fabricating complex machines, in dozens of diversified projects, locations and methods – Agriculture, heavy industry, food production & packaging, startups, luxury lifestyle etc.
    Custom made solutions – All engineered solutions offered by us, are accurately designed to meet the client’s needs. Each implementation is carried out with a strong emphasis on efficient planning, schedule compliance and personal accompaniment all along the project.
    Improvement & Efficiency – Design and production of systems, with no compromises on advanced machinery,
    enabling our clients a constant operational and process efficiencies, cost savings and improved output.

    What are we doing?

    Our mission

    Provide each client the ideal response to his organization, via engineered solutions adapted to the requirements, while constantly accompanying the process through all the phases – from planning up until post execution.
    All this is done by our skilled and experienced team.

    Our Team

    Fields of expertise
    Automation: Design and manufacturing of machines & automated systems, by combining elements of control, optics,
    mechanics and robotics. Through automation based machines, production processes can be optimized, permitting
    significant cost savings. Planning of designated work interfaces, and adaption to existing workflows.
    Security & Defense industries: Tailor designed elements for addressing special and specific needs. Whether it involves traditional production methods or modern ones, such as 3d printing – there’s nothing we can’t produce and get to function.
    Agricultural machinery: design and manufacturing of machines for the agricultural sector: field crops, pruning
    collection, packacing etc. MAOR ENGINEERING has vast agricultural experience and profound understanding of the challenges
    the sector confronts.
    Transport systems & Packaging factories: Conveyors design & production, designated transport systems &
    engineered solutions for packaging houses and production halls.
    Mechanical solutions for architects and civil industry: Moving\rising\roundabout stages, motored and controlled


    Management Team

    Yaron Maor (43), BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of technology.
    Ofer Maor (35), BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Ben Gurion University of the negev.
    Both Yaron and Ofer have gained vast experience and reach background in a wide spectrum of fields, e.g. security
    industry, mechanics & automation, packaging houses, agro machinery and more.