Paprika combine

A combine that performs harvesting, threshing, and cleaning. A tool equipped with mechanical technologies that allow it to operate in harsh environmental conditions over time.

Garlic combine

A combine developed and manufactured by Maor Engineering. It performs several operations, including harvesting and cleaning. A unique tool designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions for years.

Garlic harvester

A specialized combine for harvesting garlic. It performs initial cleaning and arrangement of the material for the main line as a preliminary stage for collection by the combine.

Jojoba shaker

A towed machine for stirring and dropping jojoba seeds. It serves as a preliminary operation for collection by the combine.

Jojoba combine

A towed combine that performs the collection and cleaning of jojoba seeds.

Barrel Inverter Electrical Crane

An electrically operated lifting facility for lifting and flipping drums, manufactured from stainless steel for a medical factory.

Rotating parking platform

A round parking system, recessed into the floor and electrically controlled, providing a solution for tight parking spaces with vehicle congestion issues.

A moving stage

A mechanical system of horizontal and vertical platforms to perform automated covering of a swimming pool in a penthouse.

Automatic array for palletizing robot

Development and production of a unique transportation system for an automatic packing house. The system includes mechanical elements in order to transport the crates in a precise manner that allows palletizing with a robot and in addition control over orientation and timing.