Grippers for Robotic Arms

Maor Engineering specializes in development and manufacturing grippers for robots and various applications such as: Palletizing robots, robots for injection molding machines, grippers designed for automation systems, and more.

Fatigue testing machine

An automatic machine that conducts failure testing for plastic components. The machine performs tens of thousands of cycles in each test and produces output of the desired test results.

Automation and runner removal

A machine that interfaces with Plastic injection machine. Automatically remove excess injection. Includes a parts conveying system for further assembly process.

Sorting and quality control system

An automation system that integrates a spider robot and an image processing system. The system performs quality control and assembly of plastic products at a high speed.

Docking station

Development and production of an autonomous machine serving as a launching and storage platform for an autonomous drone. Operate in harsh environmental conditions: extreme cold and heat, humidity, strong winds, and more.